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Finance Pot


Create a common and movable finance pot, which the whole liquid capital can flow in and be administered from just one hand!


Ursula Sabisch, Am Aehrenfeld  15, 23564 Luebeck, Germany

Manager Reaksa Sary
The Picasso Building | Caldervale Road | West Yorkshire, WF1 5PF | Great Britain |
Registered in England

smava Ltd

Kopernikusstr. 35
10243 Berlin

Germany, Luebeck, 09. March 2019

Free translation/ The German language letter you may find here!


Hard to believe, but true:

Advances to the deficit interest rate of-0,4% *!

Get this sensational offer still today, Dear smava customer. You pay back less than you have lent. This means:

You get money as a gift!

With the money of other ones can be thrown laxly around!

Please let this e-mail be translated in many languages and be handed over to the right persons.


Dear Sir or Madam, Dear Readers!

Hard to believe, but true: You and your peers will no longer receive a penny!

The end of this is now!

You will earn your money honestly and not throw around with the means available at the expense of the weak and thus at the expense of Creation!

Your pathological morbid lifestyle you and your peers  will  longer spread  with impunity, and you will therefore no longer put young people in a dependency and thus debt trap!

In High German again for all: Move your sick ass in the right direction, because other people also have to bear the burdens for you, which can go to the limits of humanity, you naughty and slow-witted stupid lubbers and stupid geese, you!

Kind regards, Ursula Sabisch

HP.: This mail will set of course to one of my homepages, because everybody should know what the business in the matter is!

24.03.2020 Document checked./  19.06.2023


Create a common and mobile financial pot, in which all liquid capital can flow and be managed from a single source!